3 DIYs to fix sagging couch cushions


We love our couches, but as times goes, seeing the sagging couch cushions just makes us feel some type of way. Like, could we make it look like how it used to be – all fluffed up and happy?

Yes, we can!

What’s better? We’re providing tips on how to fix saggy couch cushions that you can totally DIY at home easily!

1. Flip your cushions regularly
This sounds simple, yet it’s not something we remember to do all the time. When you don’t flip the sofa cushions regularly, the pressure will cause only one side of the cushion to dent permanently.

If you want to prolong the life of your sofa cushions, flip them every one to two weeks to make sure both sides of the cushion are used evenly. If the slipcovers aren’t reversible, then take the cushions out and turn them around before slipping them inside again.

2. Tuft them
Another way to fix sagging sofa cushions is to tuft them. What better way to do that than with Comfort Works’ Tufting Kit, in which all the necessary tools come together in a set consisting of upholstery needle, chalk, measuring tape, upholstery twine, scissors and fabric-covered buttons.

3. Replace cushion stuffing or foam inserts
This may be the least convenient way out of the three, but it’s the best method to fix your saggy couch cushions as they tend to last longer. Pick up some stuffing or foam inserts (exactly the same size as the old one) from the store, add in a little cutting and sewing, and that should do the trick.

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