Fun Things to Make with Rubber Bands


Rubber bands, those stretchy wonders tucked away in drawers, can transform into more than just office supplies. Unleash your creativity with these engaging and simple projects that turn humble rubber bands into vibrant expressions of art and utility.

1. Colourful Bracelets:
Create trendy accessories by weaving rubber bands into stylish bracelets. Utilise a rainbow of colours and experiment with different weaving patterns like fishtail, hexafish, or double chain. This craft not only produces fashionable accessories but also provides a relaxing and satisfying weaving experience.

2. DIY Rubber Band Ball:
Transform boredom into a hands-on project by crafting your own rubber band ball. Start with a single rubber band and keep adding more until you’ve crafted a bouncy, colourful orb. It’s a fun and tactile way to spend time, and you’ll end up with a unique desk accessory.

3. Rubber Band Art on Canvas:
Explore your artistic side by incorporating rubber bands into a canvas masterpiece. Stretch and position rubber bands across the canvas, creating dynamic patterns. Once satisfied with the design, paint over the canvas, let it dry, and remove the rubber bands to reveal an abstract and visually intriguing piece of art.

4. Secure Paint Cans:
Say goodbye to messy paint spills during DIY projects. Wrap rubber bands around paint cans to create a makeshift drip catcher. This simple solution keeps your workspace clean and ensures a smooth painting process.

5. Elastic Book Closures:
Add a practical touch to your notebooks or journals by creating elastic band closures. Attach rubber bands to the cover, allowing them to stretch over the pages, keeping your writing secure and preventing any loose sheets from escaping.

6. Rubber Band Powered Cars:
Introduce some science into your crafting session by building rubber band-powered cars. Utilising materials like cardboard, straws, and rubber bands, construct a mini vehicle. Wind up the rubber band, release it, and watch your creation zoom across the room.

7. DIY Rubber Band Stamps:
Carve unique and personalised stamps using rubber bands. Wrap rubber bands around a wooden block, creating textured patterns. Dip the rubber band-covered block in ink or paint and stamp away to add artistic flair to cards, wrapping paper, or scrapbooks.

8. Cord Organiser:
Tame the tangled mess of cords with rubber bands. Bundle together charging cables, headphones, or any other cords with colourful rubber bands. This not only keeps your space organised but also adds a pop of colour to mundane cables.

From fashionable accessories to practical solutions, rubber bands are versatile tools for crafting and organising. So, raid your rubber band stash and embark on a creative journey with these imaginative projects that will stretch your artistic boundaries.

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